Saturday, 28 September 2013

In with the new and with the old!

Today has been one of the best days I have had in such a long time! I met up with my primary school best friend Catherine :) We spent pretty much the entire day together shopping, talking and eating.

I was mega excited for this meet up because finally I had someone to talk makeup and blogs with and I have felt in a little bubble for a while not really being able to speak to anyone about the things I enjoy and getting a real enthusiasm from them. I was also really nervous because having never seen her since we left primary schools, which was like 8 years ago, then it would be like meeting someone for the second time and all that I could wonder was if we would still get along like we used to, whether we shared the same interests and opinions but most of all it terrified me to think that we would be forcing ourselves to interact and it would be really awkward for us to try and keep up some facade of friendship. Rest assured none of these fears would come to fruition. It was like picking up where we left off! Except we are much older and more mature we could talk about things on such a different level. If you were like us then you will know that primary school is full of drama! Friends one minute and enemies the next, though I can't say this to be strictly the situation with me and Catherine, I mean we did have our moments but hat would remain true is that we would be friends again in no time. Our friendship is not forced and I now know that we could be separated for a lifetime but we would always be friends.

Anyway, excuse all the feels but it has been an amazing day and I have a few items I want to show you all!
It's all pretty much Clinique and one other item which I am super excited about! But that will all have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime to wet you appetite here is Catherine's blog ->  If you love makeup, clothes, books and just general awesomeness then this is the gal for you! So go on check it out, share it with your friends and don't forget to show the love and follow her on Twitter @SmallGirlBlog11

I will speak soon, much love.

-Ruby x

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