Saturday, 8 June 2013

Clinique reviews!

I have had a few Clinique products that I have wanted to do a review on but now that I have been using them for a while I think that I can give a decent opinion on them. I know that Clinique is know for being a brand which is kind to skin and promotes general skin care and considering that my skin needs all the hel it can get then I thought it would be worth trying them!

 This is the first product and I believe this is a sample size as it came as a promotional offer where you buy 2 products and get a goody bag. It is the All About Eyes eye cream.

I found with this product that I only needed a tiny amount per eye because it was a little bit greasy feeling. It spreads really well and generally is a nice product to use.

Can't comment on smell as Clinique are known to be fragrance free haha but the texture was really nice and if this is only a sample size then I would consider getting the full size because it would be such good value for money!.

Update! This is a sample size and the full size costs about £24

I know for a fact that this is a sample size! This is their Moisture Surge moisturiser and I like how this applies and how far a small amount will go but the only thing that I don't really like about it is that it feels like it dries really fast and that you haven't really moisturised at all!

I love the texture and everything else about it and in some ways I like the fact that it dries fast because then I don't feel like my skin will be oily/greasy but I just want it to feel like I am getting some sort of benefit.

This fully size retails for £32

This one right here, I absolutely love this one!
I bought this one full size because I needs some sort of spot treatment and I have not regretted buying this one.

I can apply this when I feel a spot about to breakout and it will get rid of it in 3 days maximum. Stings like mad if you get it on open wounds though :(

I think this was only about £13 so I was quite pleased with the price and I will probably buy this again when I eventually run out!

I hope you like this review and let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see.

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