Wednesday, 13 May 2015

April 2015 Favourites

It's been a slow month for me, you may have noticed, but suffice to say my favourites are a little small. I am really excited about these products that I have been trying this month, they have been serious game changers to my make up routine. 

I actually have a review about this coming up tomorrow so you will have to keep an eye out for my more in depth review of this. I have been absolutely loving this product though, it looks so natural on my skin and really brightens my under eye and helps to make me look more awake. It is a little bit of a splurge item but I believe in treating myself every so often. 

I actually nicked this one from my mum (sorry, you're not getting it back!), reason being is that I needed a primer with an SPF, something I didn't own. This bad boy has a whopping SPF of 30 and also helps to neutralise redness and I'm in plenty supply of redness. It is quite a runny product so you'll have to excuse the messy bottle but it does smooth over really nicely. I would suggest that this would be good for dry skin but exfoliating before would be advised as the yellow pigment might cling to flaky skin. I do couple this with my Embryolisse moisturiser and I just find that my make up sticks around for a lot longer. Thankfully bareMinerals do have a nice offering of primers including an oil controlling one and also a BB primer for those who want to go super minimalist. 

I went into MAC the other day with the intention of buying a Paint Pot but somehow left with one of their Paints. I went for a Paint instead because I wanted something close to my skin tone so that I could cover imperfections without the use of concealer which, for me, can sometimes feel a little too heavy. This has got a slight pearl finish to it so it works really well as a brow bone highlight but it also works as a shadow base and really helps colours to look more intense. 

So that was my short but sweet April favourites. I do have a few product posts coming up so keep an eye out for that and I will speak to you all soon.

Roo xx


  1. I have been loving the Bare Minerals Primer lately. I have used it consistently for the past few weeks. A really good primer and really helps your make up stay all day.

    1. I totally agree, it's one of the best primers I have ever tried :)

      Roo xx


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