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12 Favourites of 2014!

I've been a bit lacking in my blog over the last few months and I didn't really bother getting back to it until the new year because it feels like a fresh start.

Also, as there was a lack of November favourites I feel like I need to compensate a little and give you a run down of my favourites over the course of 2014. To be honest I was going to doing this post regardless.

I wasn't really sure how to do this but I have managed to narrow down a definite list of my 12 favourite products of the year. I've split this into 2 parts so I can give you a decent run down of all the products :) Lets begin.

(Pink fuzzy dressing gown alert!)

I had been after this palette for such a long time and I've waffled on about it a lot so I wouldn't be surprised if you're sick of hearing about it. This palette was in my sights because I had heard about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders and how much everyone loves them because they give a really subtle glow without making you look like a total disco ball. I stumbled across the palette shortly after but only to discover that it had been discontinued (heartbroken!), fortunately they re-released it and I was able to get my hands on it. Suffice to say, if you don't mind investing a little extra in a good quality product then this one is definitely one to have a think about.


I first saw this when Tati (Glamlifeguru) on YouTube talked about some of her holy grail products. I picked this up whilst I was in New York because I really wanted to try some American drugstore products that weren't available to me here in the UK. I was very much a pan powder sort of girl until trying this, It has such a nice soft consistency and stops my make up from moving without making it look cakey. This does have quite a heavy scent which I wasn't really expecting but I definitely got used to it. I believe these do come in a variety of shades but I opted for translucent to keep things simple. It's a relatively inexpensive product and for the amount I use it I think you really do get a lot of product and the most out of your money.


MAC lipsticks are long term loves of beauty obsessives everywhere and it's no surprise that I would have included one in my list. I wasn't really expecting to like this very much as the finish is a Frost and that's not typically something I would ever go for, I usually like a lipstick to come with a high amount of colour but this gives such a lovely, even, your lips but better sort of finish. I was so pleasantly surprised by this and it's really great for days when I just want something a bit more natural but still polished. 


Hands down, this is the best eye primer I have ever used. I know this is such a cult classic and I needn't really say too much about it. I had a sample size going for a while but then I finally decided to pay out for a full tube. This is a serious no budge product and it will help your eye make up to look flawless all day long!


My friend Catherine had been raving about this product for a while and I had made the commitment that after I had finished all my other concealers that I would give this a go. It did take some time because I had a fair few on the go but it was seriously worth the wait. I have this in the shade NC15 which is just about light enough for me, I was given to understand (by a counter assistant) that they used to carry NC10 but that could just be urban legend, I'm not sure. This gives such a flawless finish without being heavy, I tend to apply this with a damp beauty blender when I want a full coverage and with a dry brush when I'm after something a bit more natural. Though there are cheaper products that will give you a similar amount of coverage I feel like this is a lot lighter and better wearing.


Another recommendation by glamlifeguru haha, she knows what she's talking about! I have a feeling that this may be a bit of a Marmite product in the fact that if you don't like sticky products on your lips then I really don't think that this will be up your street. This is an excellent highly intensive lip treatment that I feel is a must have for anyone whose lips need a little tlc. It is a fairly thick consistency and I do recommend warming the tube up to body temperature before using it to make the application smoother. It helps to hydrate and protect your lips as this stuff will not move for hours! Also, bonus point, if you are quite concious of the products that go into your beauty products then you will love Bite Beauty as all of their products are made with food grade ingredients. It is a little on the spendy side but it lasts a long time and I really think you get good quality for your money.

So that is the end of part 1, I didn't really want to overload you with information so I hope this has been a nice little post to enjoy with a cuppa :) Stay tuned as tomorrow I will be posting part 2 tomorrow!

I hope you are all keeping well and I will speak soon,
Roo xx

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