Monday, 5 January 2015

12 Favourites of 2014 Part 2!

Welcome back to the second half of my 12 favourites post. I'm really excited to show you the rest of the products I have selected because I think they are some truly great items that every make up lover needs to add to their collection. 


I am very new to Bobbi Brown given that this is the first thing I have tried by her. Christmas shopping was happening and I got sidetracked and decided to treat myself (oops haha!). I was instantly impressed by this because of the colour, I use Porcelain Bisque and I swear this is identical to my natural skin colour and it's the closest I have ever gotten. The consistency is really nice and smooth and very easy to blend. I typically use this under the eye area to brighten and make me look a lot more awake but I have also started using this down the bridge of the nose to reduce the redness I have there. I am really excited to try more Bobbi Brown in 2015.


You literally cannot go wrong with this eyeliner. Collection have been coming out with some absolutely amazing products over the past few years and though they are a cheaper brand they are definitely something that everyone, regardless of budget, should take a look at. This eyeliner is one of the most pigmented and easiest to work with. Whilst this isn't waterproof it will last really well but is also super easy to remove. Truth be told, this is better than some high end liquid liners that I have tried.


I am a long term lover of Lacome mascaras, I think they have just got the most amazing formula and the general packaging design is flawless. So far I have not come across a Lancome mascara that is just purely gimmick which is great because it feels like they really put a lot of effort into developing new mascaras. I was a little concerned about trying this because typically I don't like plastic wands - they just don't seem to separate my lashes enough. I was totally wrong though, this is one of the best mascaras I have ever used, the brush itself was totally fine and as for the swan neck wand it was one of the most revolutionary things I have used in quite some time. I feels like instinct when using this so I was just able to turn the brush and get every lash without smudging mascara on my nose or eyelids haha. I seriously recommend trying this because I was really pleasantly surprised by this and I just think it's worth the money. 


I feel like I'm neutral palette crazy which is why this was a totally necessary addition to my collection. I wasn't familiar with Smashbox eyeshadows before trying this but they are honestly some of the best shadows I have ever tried. They are really nice and smooth and also very richly pigmented. Something I especially like about them is that I experience absolutely no fallout with them, even with that matte black shadow. The brush that comes with it is also pretty amazing. I don't really use the 'shimmer' side but the 'matte' fluffy blender brush is really amazing and makes apply eyeshadow so effortless. You get 14 shadows which work out at £2.50 a piece which I think is great value for money.


 (Mean Girls phone case!)

I love the palette. I freaking LOVE this palette. Urban Decay have the best shadows, no competition. I have fallen head over heels for this rose toned neutral palette, I think specifically this palette compliments pale skin like mine amazingly. The pinky white matte shade 'Strange' is perfect as an all over lid colour for me, it matches my skin tone and makes blending other shadows out so much easier. I really love the almost black shade 'Blackheart' because it is just so unique, it's not quite black but scattered throughout is some beautiful red micro glitter. I really recommend investing in any of the Naked palettes but this one is perfect if you like to keep it looking natural but are a little tired of the typical brown neutrals.


Another recommendation by glamlifeguru, seriously find her on YouTube if you are not familiar with her then just subscribe because you won't regret it. I have't really bought into the whole BB concept and this is the first kind that I have tried. I'm not very good with keeping up with a moisturising routine but there is something just so enjoyable about using this. It smooths over my skin really nicely and it sinks into the skin beautifully, the main reason I love this is because it evens out skin tone and also reduces the appearance of blemishes on the skin which makes me feel so confident. I on't think this is available in the UK but if you are lucky enough to find this then you should grab it whilst you have the chance.

So that brings my 2014 favourites to a close. I really hope you have enjoyed it and I can't wait to find more new and exciting products this year! 

Speak soon
Roo xx

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