Monday, 6 May 2013

Benefit They're Real! Mascara Review

There had been a little bit of hype around this product and I really wanted to try this mascara because I have very short eyelashes and don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm expecting some sort of miracle where it suddenly doubles the length of my lashes or anything but I just wanted to see what it was like.

Actually I was quite fortunate because I didn't want to pay out for this mascara because it's certainly not cheap but I did manage to find a sample size of this in ELLE Magazine so really I only paid £4.00 for it!

So anyway, lets get on with the review!

I should probably apologise in advance for the lighting situation, it was getting quite dark outside :/

So I've started off with no mascara on, just so you can see where I'm starting from and yeah my eyelashes are really that short :(

This is the sample size that I got and again, sorry about the lighting  but also the packaging is quite dark.

The sample size is 2ml  and comes in black.
 This is the brush applicator, it looks fairly standard except for the little little cluster of spikes on the end which actually make it easier to reach the inner corner lashes.
 The lighting is a little weird but I hope you can actually see the difference between the left side and the right.

To be honest, those little spikes on the end were helpful but when its a new mascara you have to be so careful with how much product is on the end of the brush otherwise it will clump on your lashes.
 It dawned on me that  should turn on the big light instead of relying on the smaller lights haha.

But I did the rest of my make up, just simple cat eyes and to be honest, I like the loo of this mascara but I find that it was too hard when it dried (if that makes sense) some mascaras have a softer formula and don't make your lashes feel so stiff.

I like the look of the mascara but I think there are others that I actually prefer.

The mascara retails for about £19.50 and you can find it in most larger Boots stores.

I hope you like this review and keep an eye out for my next review.
- Ruby x

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